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I wanna shine, I am more than fine, I will steal the thunder and will make you surrender
How can i look like a star, If I wear Dress bar bar !
Its every girls earnest desire to be “head turning” beauty of a party, Every girl wishes her beauty and grace to be the talk of the town but wearing different varieties of dresses in every party can be achieved by Ambani’s and Birla’s , So in order to save them from humiliation they prefer to stay at home and give illogical unreasonable excuses
Excuse #42 “sorry guys i can’t come going out of station “
Excuse #65 ” nah! i can’t attend the party got an urgent piece of work”
Girls we all want to attend every party but can’t repeat our Dresses as this may hamper our uniqueness.
” How can  i dress to impress when my pockets are cashless”
I once heard sharing is caring, We are here to talk the word Share to another exciting level why spend thousands on a dress which one can use First one
“Make it a habit to be princes of every party”

So many clothes in your wardrobe but still confuse what to wear at the day you are waiting so long. Because you already tried each of them at once in another occasion.

Here is a solution, you can get Dresses of your choice at Vastraलो

  •   Dresses on hire or you can purchase it at amazingly affordable prices.

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