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1. About Vastraलो

Vastralo is combination of two words “vastra” and “Lo” , Vastra is a sanskrit word which means “clothes” and Lo is a hindi word of “take” means Take Clothes. vastraलो is a free online classified website where you can Rent, Sell or Buy Dresses.




2. Problems

People buy Dresses, party wear and keep it at his/her Wardrobe after wearing it once.

Dresses are very costly for occasions cause you want to wear it once so spending a lots of money for single time wear is a waste of money.

Wardrobe is full of clothes but you have nothing to wear cause you don’t want to repeat your same Dress.


3. Solution

Hire a Dress of your choice you want to wear, attend your parties with confident everyday a new Dress on Rent at a very affordable price.

Your wardrobe is full of expensive Dresses but doesn’t fit you for next time & doesn’t suits your Standard so you can Sell your Party wear Dresses on Vastraलो.


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